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Wildlife Conservation Japan

Vol.13 No.2

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Original Papers:

  • Effects of troop fission on home range use of the Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata) in Oku-Nikko, northern Japan
    ------------Tadanobu OKUMURA, Masaaki KOGANEZAWA and Koichi HIRANO --1
  • Using choice experiment to assess potential demand for a bear-watching tour; A case study in Daisetsuzan national park, Japan
    ------------Takahiro KUBO and Yasushi SHOJI -- 9
  • Feeding ecology of the Great crested grebe Podiceps cristatus in an irrigation pond in Aomori City
    ------------Satoru TAKAYA and Yuji SAWARA -- 19
  • Survey of residents regarding the Asiatic black bear at Tajima region of Hyogo Prefecture: Designing and conducting questionnaire survey for policy application and management interventions
    ------------Ryo SAKURAI, Gouhei UEDA and Susan, K. JACOBSON -- 33
  • Factors affecting hunting desertion in Japan: proposal for retention measures
    ------------Gouhei UEDA, Yuji KODERA, Toshio KURUMADA, Masahiko TAKEUCHI, Ryo SAKURAI and Chie SASAKI -- 47

Status Report:

  • Changes of fish fauna and invasion of non-indigenous Japanese fishes in recent years in Lake Saiko and Shojiko, Yamanashi Prefecture
    ------------Hiroshi TSUNODA, Makie DOI, Mitsuru OHIRA, Yoshito MITSUO and Yutaro SENGA -- 59
  • Significance and role of reintroducing species into the natural environment from the perspective of local residents: A study of reintroduction of the Oriental stork and Japanese crested ibis
    ------------Yuko HONDA -- 67

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