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Wildlife Conservation Japan

Vol.11 No.2

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Original Papers:

  • Decline of Sakhalin tainmen ( Hucho perryi ) populations in Hokkaido, Japan
    ------------Tatsuya TAKAMI and Hiloshi KAWAMULA -- 1
  • Daily nest site use by the Siberian flying Pteromys volans orii in fragmented small woods
    ------------Yushin ASARI and Hisashi YANAGAWA -- 7
  • Analysis of the distribution of Japanese giant flying squirrel in hilly areas of Southern-Tama District
    ------------Hiroshi YAKO, Zentaro HASHIMOTO and Tomonori MATSUO -- 11
  • Feeding habits and possible interactions between alien rainbow trout and native salmonids in a small stream on Shiretoko Peninsula, northern Japan
    ------------Atsuya YAMAMOTO -- 19
  • The activities and attitudes of nonresident hunters in Shimane Prefecture
    ------------Gouhei UEDA, Nobuo KANZAKI and Hiroko KANAMORI -- 29
  • Ecology of Luehdorfia puziloi (Lepidoptera: Papilionidac) on Mt.Aoba, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
    ------------Yasuhiko KONNO and Shoko KIKUCHI -- 39
  • Backgrounf of local people who accept 'co-existence' with white storks (Ciconia boyciana) - From the questionnaire survey conducted soon after their release in Toyooka city, Hyogo Prefecture -
    ------------Yuko HONDA -- 45
  • Range expansion of feral raccoons from the northwestern part of KAnagawa prefecture to Yamanashi prefecture, Japan
    ------------Yoshikazu SEKI, So ROKUHERA and Norihiro KAWAUCHI -- 59


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