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Wildlife forum

Vol.11 No.3-4 March 2007


International Wild boar Forum:

  • Report:
    A verification of lighting system for preventing a wild boar from invading
    ------------ SENDAI,Kazuo and Toshiyuki KINOSHITA --61

  • Report:
    Selective utilization of woods for tusk rubbing by Japanese wild boar Sus scrofa.
    ------------ HIRATA,Shigeki --65

  • Report:
    Failure in the Lore Lindu Park:
    Confused Wildlife Management Policy and Local Autonomy in Indonesia
    ------------ KUNIO WATANABE --71

Convention reports

  • Wildlife Consevation Society (Convention at Kanazawa University) holding report
    ------------ SHIKIDA,Asami--85

  • Open symposium:
    Possibility and the future of wildlife protection

  • Satellite Meeting :
    Forum for Nature Restoration -Why is the re-introduction of spesies needed?-
    ------------ ENARI,Hiroto, Hiroshi TSUNODA and Mari NISHIKAWA --129

  • Satellite Meeting :
    Report of Theme Session "How We Realize Ideal Cooperation between Administration and Science for Wildlife Conservation"
    ------------ OKUYAMA,Masaki and MARUYAMA,Tetsuya --147

  • Association of Wildlife and Human Society No. 11 (2005) Convention program

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